Customize Your Experience

Make your BTF18 unique to YOU!  Check out our ticket Upgrades!  

Pepsi Fan Zone – Get up close and never worry about loosing your spot.  When you get the Fan Zone Pass you can come and go as much as you want.  Plus You get a free Pepsi beverage each day!

Center Stage Seating and Center Ground Seating – Best seats in the house !  Get your own chair, front and center for the best seats possible !

Reserve Lawn Chair   – Want to claim your spot for the whole festival?  Then Reserve Lawn Chair is for you.  For just $10 a Chair can ensure your spot is never taken!

Cabana Seating – 10×10 spot along the back fence you can bring pop -up tents – this is especially great for families bc you can have a shaded area.

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MAP of Upgrade areas: