Who loves watching “American Ninja Warriors” on TV? Have you dreamed of becoming a Ninja? Here’s your opportunity to shine on a real training course, right here at Big Ticket Festival 19!

Grant McCartney (Island Ninja) will be there and bringing some of his friends from the TV show! Sign up today for your chance to train with some of the nations top American Ninja Warriors!


You have two options to participate.

1. Ninja Camp: sign up to train one on one with real American Ninja warriors from the hit tv show for a whole hour! Get Tips for all the obstacles from your own Ninja coach. Camp is open to ALL ages and spots are limited.

2. Open Courses: Big Ticket will feature an adult full course and a Jr. course. Try to make it through and best times to complete will be awarded prizes!

Come train with the Ninjas and conquer these obstacles:

-Warped walls
-Salmon Ladder
-Hanging Ladders
-Wing Nuts
-Tilting balance Beam
-10′ Balance Tube
-Cannon Ball Alley
-Quintuple Steps
-Ring Slider
-Rock Wall



Grant McCartney Island Ninja

Nate Burkhlater

Nick Hanson

Wes Whitlam

*This is not actual course layout

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