By Completing and submitting this vendor contract to the Big Ticket Festival, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Approved vendors will have (14) days from notification to make arrangements to pay Vendor Booth Fee of $500.
  2. We confirm that we are a non-profit and have a 501C3, Your IRS letter of non-profit status must be submitted to Big Ticket Festival before acceptance.
  3. I agree to the terms of being a vendor at Big Ticket Festival and this includes: 1: 10×10 space in Merchandise Tent (as discerned by Big Ticket Festival), 1: 8ft table, 2 chairs, and 2 festival passes, and one plug in outlet.
  4. I agree to be present at the festival to manage my vendor space the entire duration of the festival.
  5. I agree to keep an honest tally of all sales, Non-profits will pay Big Ticket 10% fee of gross income (subtracting $500 investment from the gross income number)
  6. I agree to sell only the items and prices that have been submitted to The Big Ticket Festival for approval. (as has been approved and arranged)
  7. I agree to willingly accept the placement of my 10×10 space by Big Ticket Festival.
  8. I agree it is my responsibility to keep my site clean and dispose of all garbage in the dumpsters provided by Big Ticket Festival. Sites left with trash and other disposable items will be charged $100 clean up fee and future eligibility for Big Ticket Festival will be questioned.
  9. I understand that I will receive (2) free festival passes and I am responsible for purchasing any extra passes for $69 either through the office or when I arrive at the festival.
  10. I understand if any of my family or staff is on the festival grounds without a pass they will be asked to leave immediately.
  11. I understand that there is NO Smoking allowed at Big Ticket Festival, therefore, anyone who wishes to smoke must go outside the festival grounds.
  12. I agree to make sure the employees/volunteers that work my tent behave in a respectable manner in their language, dress, and behavior. We strive for excellence and ask that you help us achieve that in every area of our event.
  13. I understand that Big Ticket Festival is not responsible for any items in my tent or any items lost, stolen, or damaged at the festival.

I understand that failure to follow any of the above items and conditions could result in my being asked to shutdown and leave the festival –immediate dismissal.


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