What is BTF Star?

Our BTF program that sends all your passes to you well ahead of time (August 1), so you don’t have to print off your tickets or wait in line to enter the festival.

How Do You Get It?

BTF Star is AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED with any Upgrade Seating, Pepsi Fan Zone, or Parking Purchase at no extra charge!

BTF Star is $20 without upgrades or parking.  You only  need to purchase 1 BTF Star per mailing address on your order. And you only need to purchase BTF Star if you do not purchase Pepsi Fan Zone, Upgrade Seating or Pre-Purchased Parking. All BTF Star, Pepsi Fan Zone, Upgrade Seating and Pre-Parking MUST be purchased by August 1. No mail-outs will be made for purchases made after August 1. 

Customize Your BTF Experience!

Our General Admission ticket prices are the lowest they’ve been in 5 years!

 Seating Upgrades allow you to customize your BTF Experience to suit your style and the way you want to experience The Big Ticket Festival.

BTF Seating Upgrades

Pepsi Fan Zone: Area in front of the stage (Standing Room). Want to be as close as possible? Pepsi Fan Zone is for you! You don’t have to wait hours in the front of the staffers for the experience you want. Come and go and never lose the upfront standing area.

Center Stage Seating: BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE. Sit right in front of the sound booth for best seats and best sound. Stage is 2ft off ground so that even when everyone is standing in front of you, your seat is still able to see over the crowd. Plus, its directly in front of sound booth where the sound is the very best in the entire grounds. 

Center Ground Seating: Best sound and great standing area. Have your own ground seat in prime listening area. Center Ground Seating is located in front of Center Stage Seating. Comes with your own seat but is ground level. During night closing show, typically this area will be standing as well. However, this is located in the best sound quality area as well as having your own chair that you can use all day long.

Reserved Lawn Chair: GET THE BEST lawn chair area along with the ability to leave you chair and reserve your same spot all weekend. This is the ONLY area you can leave your lawn chair and we will NEVER move It. (ONLY $19)

SOLD OUT! Cabana seating: Rock out in style with Cabana seating. We provide the tents, making your BTF experience super easy and fun! 


BTF 2020 Seating Map