Meet Jason Hanson and try to beat his shot!

Jason Hanson is one of the NFL’s all time greates field goal kickers. Jason played on the Lion’s team for 21 seasons.

The opportunity to golf with various Big Ticket Artists will be available for purchase by May 31, 2020.

BTF Golf Outing

Saturday September 5th 2020

At Beautiful Threetops Par 3 Course, Treetops Resort

#1 Par 3 Course in America!



  • Tickets are $49 per person
  • Register your group, or as an individual (48 Slots (12 groups of 4) Available! Register Early!)
  • Select the number of people in your group from the drop down box in the ticketing window.
  • Fill out the following information form completely for each person in your group
  • Select your preferred top 3 Tee-times. We will do our best to schedule your Tee-time accordingly.
  • You will be notified in advance of your scheduled Tee-time as the event approaches.