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Seating “Upgrades” Now available and starting to Sell-out!

BTF19 Seating “Upgrades” now available and starting to Sell-out!  Get yours before they are gone. 

*Click here for details and to claim “Upgrade” seating

Cabana Seating: Only 6 left! – $99

Ground Center Seating: Only 72 Left – $59

Raised Center Seating: Only 129 left – $99

Reserved Ground Seating: Only 198 left – $39

Reserved Lawn Chair Seating: Only 307 left (already sold 193)! – $19

*All “Upgrade” seats come with BTF Star (get your wrist bands mailed to you ahead of time).

*Claim Special Seating Here

*BTF19 Upgrade Seating Map: