Camping for BTF15 NOW ON SALE!!!


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  • For BTF 2015, camping sites are being sold be section.  Each sections will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
  • Primitive sites are 30’x30’ You may fit as many tents in the area as possible.
  • There are showers at both onsite and offsite camping sites
  • You may arrive Wednesday June 24th starting 12pm and leave no later than Sunday June 28th by 2pm
  • Above ground contained fires are permitted onsite but will not be allowed offsite.
  • Camping price is a flat fee (June 24th – 28th) whether you come one day or all days.
  • ONLY ONE car per campsite will be allowed. Vehicles on Primitive Camping sites will not be permitted to leave campsite once parked. If you are want to come and go from the festival, you will be parked in adjacent parking lot, on an availability basis.
  • Pets are allowed at your campsite if they are kept quiet, contained, and picked up after.  Pets are not allowed in general festival area.