Q.   Can I bring a backpack/bag or cooler into the festival?
A.   Yes, backpacks/bags will be allowed on festival grounds, however, they may be subject to random searches by security officials. Coolers will not be permitted.

Q.   Can I bring a tent or screen house into the festival?
A.   No, due to space limitations and safety concerns, tents and/or screen houses are restricted to camping areas.

Q.   What kind of seating is available at the festival?
A.   We provide folding chairs at the Worship and Indie stages, there are grandstands for the extreme sports area, but you will need camp chairs for the Main Stage and anywhere else.

Q.   Is there smoking allowed on festival or camping grounds?
A.   Absolutely NO smoking is permitted on festival or camping grounds.

Q.   What kind of food options are there at the festival?
A.   Concessions will be available on festival grounds as well as the option to leave the festival grounds and go to local restaurant establishments.

Q.   Are pets allowed on festival and camping grounds?
A.   If you are a camper, you may keep a pet on your site if it is quiet, contained, and picked up after.  If it is endangering or disturbing others, you will be asked to remove it.  No pets will be allowed in the general festival area.

Q.   Are campfires allowed at the fairgrounds?
A.   Yes, above ground, contained fires are permitted on your campsite.  ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND FIRES PERMITTED.  Anyone found in violation will be charged a $50 cleanup fee.

Q.   Is there a medical center on site in case of emergency?
A.   We provide a nurse staffed first aid tent on site.  If further help is needed, Otsego Memorial Hospital is located right next to the fairgrounds at 825 N. Center Ave, Gaylord, MI 49735.  Their phone number is 989-731-2100.

Q.   Can I bring my in-line skates or bike?
A.    No bikes or in-line skates will be permitted inside the festival due to safety concerns for all attendees. You may leave your bike outside an entry gate.

Q.   Is there special seating for someone who is handicapped?
A.    Yes, we do have designated areas near the front at Main Stage and Worship Stage for handicapped.  You may ask security personnel to escort you to these seats.

Q.   Is there camping for someone who is handicapped?
A.   Yes, we can offer a campsite that is easily accessible to roads and restrooms.  You must email our camping coordinator Linda (linda@shirtworks.us) prior to arrival to reserve one of these spots.

Q.   Is there special parking for someone who is handicapped?
A.   Yes, we do have handicapped parking available.  You will need to show your handicapped tag to the parking attendant upon arrival to obtain one of these spots.

Q.   Will there be transportation for anyone needing assistance?
A.   We are happy to provide hospitality transportation inside the festival grounds, as well as, to and from all parking areas.  Please call our Transportation Coordinator, Ted at 989-614-1055 to schedule a specific pick-up.  Otherwise, we also offer regular shuttles to and from all our off-site parking.

Q.   What if something comes up and I can no longer use my tickets, is there any way I can get a refund?
A.   Sorry, due to the nature of the event of Big Ticket we cannot refund/exchange tickets once purchased.

Q.   Is there a fee for parking at the festival?
A.   Reserve On-Site Parking is available for $10 per day, or $25 for all 3-Days.  Regular On-Site parking is available for a $5 fee per day, based upon availability.  OVERNIGHT PARKING IS NOT PERMITTED, vehicles left overnight will be towed at Owner’s Expense.

Q.   What other things are there to do in Gaylord?
A.    Click on the following link to learn more about Gaylord and what this city has to offer: http://www.gaylordmichigan.net/

Weapons of any Kind, Coolers, and Glass Containers, ARE NOT PERMITTED into the event grounds.